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You just found one of the coolest tools on the Internet for a homelab enthusiast. We do notifications. We do them right. We've been doing then for years and we'll keep doing them for years to come. Notifiarr provides native custom integrations with dozens, maybe hundreds of applications and websites. That means these applications or websites can send data to Notifiarr, and we'll format a message according to your configuration then send it to your chat server.

What sets us apart from direct integrations are the options we provide to format your messages. We also maintain and provide, for your conveince, a local agent you may run on any server or network you wish to monitor. The agent is fully configurable to collect network and system data so you can get health reports from your servers.

Everything is configurable, even how much data we keep on our servers. You get to decide how long your transaction log files live for, or if your transactions even get logged at all.

There is also a self hosted client you can use that is required for some things to work correctly.

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